Tamaioasa Romaneasca

   Flavored variety, with a very disputed origin, in Romania being considered a native variety, in France being known as 

   Muscat Frontignan Blanc, in Bulgaria it is called Tamianca. It is said that originally, the variety comes from old Elada, and then spread in Eastern and Western Europe.

   The grapes are rich in a flavor that comes from the terpenic alcohol found in the skin of the grape.     

  The Tămâioasă Românească wine is easy recognizable, having a strong and characteristic floral flavor. In a young wine we can find a floral flavor and a long taste and smell persistence.

   Through aging, the flavor shifts its characteristics, the wine gains olfactory hints that suggest the smell of a honeycomb.

   According to its specific, the wine of Tămâioasă Românească cannot be a cheap wine, being a poor productive variety which need to be harvested late.