Juices Section

The department for producing and bottling the all natural juices is located in Sârbi village, Ţifeşti common, Vrancea county. This department is placed within an ultramodern hall,  equipped with 11 cells, with a storing capacity of 1500 tons. To ensure the highest quality of the fruits, these are stored in special arranged cells. Each cell is monitored and controlled with the help of a high technology computerized system. The parameters controlled are: temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide, nitrogen.
    The apples are carefully selected by the personnel, to ensure a high quality raw material in the technological process of obtaining the apple juice.

    The machinery used is of Austrian and Italian production, made out of stainless steel, in accordance with Romanian and European legislation.

The technological flow guarantees top quality. This way, the sorted apples are introduced in the circuit in the hydraulic lift rocker arm, that will feed the mill. The mill is provided with a tank in which the washing of the apples is done, after which they are absorbed in the mill. The pulp along with the juice go from the mill to the press feeding tank. Here, the pulp is pressed by a series of reels, separating the raw juice from the drained pulp. The drained pulp is bagged and used as animal food. The raw juice is collected in a tank from where, using a submersible pump, it is transferred in a stainless steel reservoir.

    The next stage is represented by the centrifugation of the raw juice, which ensures the removal of gross particles from the juice. The raw juice is extracted from the stainless steel reservoir using a pump, is centrifuged and then it is deposited in another stainless steel tank.

    Since the juice we produce is wanted to be 100% a natural product, there is NO water added nor any sort of additives, preservatives or sweeteners. The conservation method used is pasteurization. This way, the centrifuged juice feeds the pasteuriser with a pump. The pasteurization is made at a high temperature of 82 °C.
    As far as the packaging goes, we can choose between packaging the juice in bag in box of 3 liters or in glass bottles, the line being flexible and one that can support changes according to the necessities. The final product resulted is deposited in hygienic conditions, at temperatures of 10-15 °C.
    The results obtained from the physical and chemical analysis, microbiological analysis, residues analysis, pesticides and patulin analysis have determined the superior quality of the product. The juice can be safely consumed by children.