The Fruit Yard

    The approximately 100 hectares of orchard are located in Tifesti common, in the area of interference of two distinct landscape units: the Western part belongs to the Sub-Carpathian landformrepresented by Zabrauti piedmont and the Eastern part belongs to the Romanian Plain.

      It is a super intensive orchard of apple, pear and cherry trees, built in a Dutch system with Dutch consultancy.
    The orchard is equipped with a fertiligation system, with two pumping stations.

      Apple trees occupy a surface of over 85 hectares, with varieties such as: Elstar Elshof, Golden Delicios Reinders, Ionagold, Idared, Braeburn, Fuji and Granny Smith. The harvesting of the apples begins with Elstar Elshof from the second decade of August, followed by Ionagold and Golden Delicios Reinders in September and finishing with Braeburn, Fuji and Granny Smith in October.

      Cherry trees total a surface of 4 hectares, with varieties as Kordia and Regina. The harvesting begins with Kordia in the second decade of June and it is followed by Regina, in the first decade of July. Regina variety is considered to be more valuable as it is harvested much later.

      Pear trees occupy a surface of 10 hectares, with varieties as Conference, Abate Fetel, Doyenne du Comice. The harvesting of the pears starts in September with Conference and Abate Fetel, ending in October with Doyenne du Comice.

      In order to respect the quality and safety standards of fruits, Natura projected and implemented a management system in accordance with the demands of  GLOBAL GLAB, based on the  HACCP principles and conceived for the primary production of fruits, with the compliance of the European and national legislation, referring to the production and temporary storage of fruits.