Casa Panciu BIB 3L

FETEASCA REGALA - vin alb, demisec FETEASCA REGALA & MUSCAT OTTONEL - vin alb, demisec BABEASCA NEAGRA - vin rosu, demisec FETEASCA NEAGRA - vin rosu, demisec


   Tasting notes: A blended medium dry wine, golden yellow colored, floral and fragrant, with final notes of grapefruit and pomelo.
   Recommended gastronomic associations: saute chicken liver with red onion, grilled salmon fillet, Meunier perch fillet, pork or beef schnitzel, grilled chicken breast or boneless chicken drums, Asian dishes with sweet and sour or slightly hot salsa sauce.

   Tasting notes: Medium dry, white wine, golden yellow colored, smooth, balanced and relaxing, with a subtle floral flavor, specific to the variety.
   Recommended gastronomic associations: perch fillet, chicken breast with prosciutto and mozzarella, beef tenderloin with gorgonzola sauce, medium smoked sausages.

    Tasting notes: Medium dry wine, ruby red colored, with moderate tannins, vegetable and red fruits flavor.
   Recommended gastronomic associations: beef lasagna, ham and mushrooms pasta, grilled trout, beef tenderloin with arugula.

    Tasting notes: Dry wine, full-bodied and velvety, with steady tannins and strong flavors specific to the variety, such as blueberries, cherries and prunes, with a spicy aftertaste.
   Recommended gastronomic associations: grilled beef or pork, red sauces pasta, oven baked vegetables, strong flavored cheeses.

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