Cabernet Sauvignon

   French variety, native from Bordeaux region, introduced in Romania after the phylloxera invasion.

   The Cabernet Sauvignon wine is considered the leader of red wine, being the red wine with the most solid reputation, but also being the first choice of consumers.

   The variety has a small, but constant production, with no significant oscillations regarding quality, with smaller shifts than any other variety.

   Intense, red colored wine, with shades of purple when young, intense ruby red  when aged over 2 years, full-bodied, rotund. Usually, it is recommended to be consumed after 2-4 years of maturing, sometimes being to rough to be consumed when young. This type of wine represents the greatest warranty of a positive evolution through aging.

   The robustness of the Cabernet Sauvignon makes it perfect for an association with pork roast or, even better, with boar meat dishes.